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1st Grade

 Students and Families,
HI and HOLA  from Mrs. Beehler Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Shuck. Welcome to 1st grade!This is an exciting and new adventure we are starting. We are ALL going to be learning new things together so please be patient and persevere! We will be providing many opportunities for new learning and practice. It's up to YOU, First Graders to do your best work.

Remote Learning:

Use your district login and password each day to be ready to start at 8:05!

Contact Information:

Office Hours:

  • You are always free to text or email any one of us! We will respond as quickly as possible!!!
  •              Typing Club

1st Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Beehler's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to 1st Grade 2020!  bee flying.png Best Way to Contact Mrs. Beehler: If you need to speak to Mrs. Beehler, refer to  office hours. During those times she will be on call and will get back to you right...

Mrs. Collins' Class

Subject: General Education
Office Hours: Best Way to Contact Mrs. Collins: If you need to speak to Mrs. Collins you may call the Google Voice and leave a message or send a text but email is usually the quickest.  Email: or linked to my...

Mrs. Shuck's Class

Subject: General Education
  Best Way to Contact Mrs. Shuck: You may reach out through email.  Email: