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4th Grade

We want to share with you our philosophy of 4th grade. We strive to make the learning environment positive, engaging, and hold students accountable for their own learning. While students are expected to be independent and responsible for their own learning, it is still important for families, teachers, and students to work together to ensure success for all students. Fourth grade can be a huge academic jump for some and for others it is just a steady progression. 

There is a lot of content that is covered that can be difficult at times, but we are here to help guide and support in any way possible. Our 4th graders will take a variety of assessments this year including MAPs (the district assessment), CMAS (State assessment), and regular classroom assessments. We are here to support you in any way you need this year. 

4th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Carroll's Class

Subject: General Education
You will be able to easily communicate with me through I use this app all year to let my families know what is happening in class. I can also send pictures! The 4th grade team will send home monthly newsletters in our students Monday...

Ms. Lumley's Class

Subject: General Education
     This year, I will be communicating with families by using ClassDojo. You can find weekly updates on this platform, as well as pictures and videos of events taking place in our classroom. Important information will also be sent home in Monday...