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Principal's Daily Challenge #1

Challenge #1 

Write a letter to me (Mrs. Fiorenza) explaining what you've been doing to stay busy these last few days!  Please include the "necessary" parts of a letter:

  • A Greeting (Dear, Hello, To, For...)
  • The Date 
  • The body of your letter including:
    • What's been the BEST part of break so far?
    • What's been the WORST part of break so far?
  • A Closing (From, Love, Sincerely, Best...)
  • Your Name

Because this is a challenge for all students kindergarten through 5th grade, please consider what you know about writing and what you believe to be appropriate for your grade level! 

Please send all completed challenges to my email ( or OR post to the North Mor facebook page, by Thursday, March 19 at 11:00 am so that I can randomly select a winner in grades K-2 and a winner in grades 3-5.    The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 19 at noon during the reveal of our next challenge!

Happy Writing, Vikings!

Mrs. Fiorenza

(This challenge can also be viewed by my live video on North Mor's Facebook page at )